Timberlife Wood Treatment

Prozam Paints are the agents in Zambia for the fantastic range of Timberlife Wood Treatment products. See the range below or contact us for more details. You can hover over any of the products to get further details.

Cleaning Agents:

TIMBRITE RFU - Cleaning agent for removal of fungal stains and discolouration from wood
COTE-STRIP - Chemical stripper for removing old paint and varnish-type coatings from wood and metal
INDEG - Cleaning agent for removal of old oily and waxy finishes from wood

Brush-on biocides:

CTX 108 - Insecticidal and fungicidal surface treatment
CUGARD 20 - Biocidal surface treatment for timber

Water repellents:

SATINWOOD 28/28 BASE - Penetrating exterior water repellent wood finish
KHUNI SEALER - Contractors wood stabilizing oil
ULTRA CARE GOLD - Penetrating water repellent, high sheen wood finish for exterior and interior use

Wood Stains:

STAIN - Transparent interior /exterior wood stain
TIMBER TONES - Interior wood colouring stain

Decorative Wood coatings:

SATINWOOD GLOSS - Interior /exterior water repellent sealer and high sheen wood finish
FURNI-FLOOR - Water-borne floor quality varnish for interior timbers (Latest water-based technology)
COLOR-COTE AM - Transparent interior / exterior wood coating and decorative finish

Paving range:

PAVEBRITE - Fungal / algal cleaning agent for stained and discoloured pavings
PAVE-COTE - Transparent interior /exterior paving sealer
BIOPAVE - Biocidal treatment for control of fungal and algal growth on pavings

Speciality Products:

ECO ROD - Boron-based wood preserving rod

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